2014 - Present

Full-time Mother

Since the birth of her first child, MJ has fully taken on motherhood as her main career, while managing their family’s roofing business, as well as occasionally designing websites and editing and proofreading documents for paying customers.

2009 - 2014

Freelance Writer

Fiction and non-fiction content creation for use on eBooks to be sold on Amazon Kindle

2005 - 2014

English (ESL) Teacher

Online and in-person one-on-one ESL training in grammar, reading comprehension, speech, sentence construction, and listening

About MJ

Teacher MJ lives in Australia and was born in the Philippines. She has been teaching ESL to Asian nationals for over 10 years (hence, the name “Teacher MJ”) and has been writing professionally for over 5 years. She can speak in 8 languages and write in 11.

She is an island-girl at heart happily married to a real-life Aussie cowboy. She is devoted to her family and her God Jehovah.



Japanese Language National Certificate


Medical Transcription National Certificate


Bachelor of Science in Nursing Undergraduate


Spanish Language Workshop


French Language Workshop


English Grammar U.S./U.K. 99%
Web Design 85%
Graphics 75%
WordPress 80%
Typography 85%
Transcription 90%